viernes, 30 de octubre de 2015


We are doing different activities about Halloween

In the first one, we have played with a dice with the name of the Halloween characters´ houses (bat, spider, black cat, vampire, ghost...). Firstly, the pupil roll the dice, and then read the word to know what house Blue-Bot is going to visit. And when in the house they should "knock" on the door and say: Trick or treat.
As you can see in the photos we have some scary costumes for our robot.

In the second activity we´ve played, we used cards with directions. I showed a command sequence and the pupil had first to think where is Blue-Bot going and then click the commands in order to prove if we were right. Do you know where is it going in the photo? 

(Monster´s house)

In the third activity (in different sessions), we did some maths. I put some "candys" spared over the different houses. Also I prepared number cards that were upside down, so they couldn´t choose what number were taking. As you can see in the first video it was really easy at the first time... But, what happen when you have to collect 10 sweets? They have to visit almost all the houses in the board.
Sometimes the number of sweets that you need it´s not possible to take if you try to do the exact addition. I´ll give you an example: I need 5 sweets and in all the houses there are groups of 3 sweets. Therefore, I need to visit two houses and take three sweets in one of them and in the other take two, and left one behind.

DSCN0907 from mapi on Vimeo.

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