viernes, 27 de noviembre de 2015


In the Friday´s workshop, as you know there are mixed groups in the four classrooms. One of them is in English and I have the pleasure of being with Miss Leire.
This is Romero Britto´s apple:
He is a Brazilian artist, and his apple it´s so important that is in New York´s airport.

In the first term we re going to reproduce it trying different ways in painting: drawing lines with a paintbrush,

 stamping with corks and cotton buds

painting with threads

And use the roller, and the most important thing: the signature of the artist! 


 Also we are konowing Romero Britto´s paintings and play "What can you see?"
I can see...a dog...a fish...a butterfly...

This kind of art is the perfect excuse to talk about shapes, colours and feelings. 

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