domingo, 27 de diciembre de 2015


Christmas pizza

Pizza stockings

Crescent Pizza Stockings

Candy cane pizza

Have fun with dinner and make Candy Cane Pizza!!! This is also great for christmas parties and christmas theme fun:

Parmesan Basil Cheddar stars

savory parmesan basil cheddar stars..making these for Christmas dinner, apparently I need some Kosher Salt because several recipes I have found call for it.:

Egg snowman

Egg Snowman

Hot dog stockings

Cheese reindeer

Babybel cheese santa

Santa belly Babybel


Sandwich reindeer

Snowman mashed potato

Black olive penguins

Banana strawberry Santas
You'll love our collection of quick and easy sweet and savoury Christmas Recipes. They're perfect for all your festive celebrations and will make lovely homemade gifts too. Check out all our Christmas Ideas now.:

Christmas tree fruit platter

Create a healthy fruit platter for Christmas in the shape of a christmas tree using an apple, grapes, raspberries, blackberries, and graham crackers!:
Cristmas tree
Strawberry cane
North pole

Frozen banana penguins

Bananguins or Penanas? These Banana Penguins are delicious either way!
Snowman fruit snack
Snowman snack

Chocolate snowmen spoons

Oreo snowmen pops

There won't be any leftovers when you take these Oreo Snowmen Pops to your Holiday party. They are so easy and so cute. Visit Red Star Recipe for instructions.:

Oreo reindeer pops

How to make Reindeer Oreo Cookie Pops:

Reindeer donuts

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