martes, 1 de marzo de 2016


Today we´ve had a new thing in class: relaxing music, candles and incense. And I think it´s very important for preparing and motivating us for the yoga practice.
Today in our yoga session we´ve been breathing deeply as we always do feeling the complete process of respiration. I really feel this moment like the best one in the whole week. It´s amazing: twenty four five year olds breathing with eyes closed, listening to the music, the energy flows! They look like angels ;) 

We´ve movilized all the articulations (neck, hips, shoulders, knees...) 
Then we´ve made a sun salutation
And finally we´ve played "chocolate inglés" but in english we say "One, two, three, freeze". And each time we have to stop we have to do some pose.




baby pose


Finally we´ve done a relaxation. We had to breath deeply and let the air out slowly. The candles were in the middle of the circle so we could see the flame dancing with our air. At the end we put out the candles blowing all at the same time.

After that, we´ve made our drawings

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